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Ashton Kutcher tweets mindbending image of himself with Steve Jobs -- PHOTO

Image courtesy of Ashton Kutcher's Twitter

(Image Credit: Rhythm & Hues)

Ready to have your mind blown? Check out this half Ashton Kutcher/half Steve Jobs image that Kutcher just uploaded to his Twitter, along with the message, “Thank you Sundance for your support of Jobs.”

Kutcher portrays the tech giant in the film jOBS, which premiered at Sundance last week and will be released in theaters April 19. EW’s Owen Gleiberman says of the film: “Watching jOBS, with its basic warts-and-all accuracy and unsweetened, killer-shrewd performance by Ashton Kutcher (who was obviously cast because he looks like Jobs, but who bites into the role with his incisors), I was surprised, and often riveted, by what a starkly honest portrait it is.”

Check out the photo below:

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