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Adam Carlson
January 31, 2013 AT 07:43 PM EST

For only a few hundred thousand dollars, you can breathe the same air F. Scott Fitzgerald did — maybe! The author’s former Baltimore home, where he lived with his wife Zelda in the ‘30s, has been put up for sale, complete with a plaque that certifies that Fitzgerald-was-here.

The four bed/four bath at 1307 Park Ave. is on the market for $450,000 and comes with a gorgeous fireplace and rooms painted various hideous shades of green, yellow and red. It’s described as “Gracious & elegant living in Bolton Hill” and appears to be listed as part of an estate sale.

A word of caution, though: Fitzgerald’s life in Baltimore was notoriously, well, notorious, so you may want to steer clear if you’re looking to bask in any residual Gatsby glow. But still: a plaque!

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