Fresh Off The Boat


Fresh Off the Boat

Genre: Fiction, Comic Novels, Memoir; Author: Eddie Huang; Seasons: 1; Publisher: Spiegel & Grau

Many Asian-American coming-of-age stories catalog a number of now-familiar images: tearful piano lessons, math prizes, shrieking Tiger Moms. Eddie Huang’s immigrant memoir, Fresh Off the Boat, takes on a radically different tone, exploding the ”model minority” archetype. Huang, proprietor of popular Taiwanese street-food restaurant Baohaus, describes a rebellious childhood in the Orlando suburbs, rife with schoolyard fights with anyone who called him ”chink,” and a rocky, unexpected rise to culinary celebrity. Like great food, Huang’s slangy, smack-talking, wildly profane language appeals to the gut before the head, but don’t discount this memoir as anything less than an artful work of personal history, whether or not you get the frequent references to ’90s NBA stars and Ghostface Killah. A-

Originally posted February 1 2013 — 12:00 AM EST

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