Adam Carlson
February 01, 2013 AT 09:51 PM EST

Jack Rowand/ABC

Newsweek is no more. And neither is The Daily Beast.

What was once Newsweek/The Daily Beast will now be called “NewsBeast,” CEO Baba Shetty and British spirit guide Tina Brown announced this morning.

The news marks the end of the ongoing combination of two formerly separate entities — Newsweek in print and The Daily Beast online — which first came together in 2010 when Tina Brown, founder of TDB, assumed control of the flagging magazine, which was plagued with debt and shrinking ad sales.

The relationship was marked with a series of provocative cover stories. Last year, Newsweek announced that it would cease publication and continue in digital form, with its last physical issue following in December.

The “NewsBeast” announcement reflects both that Newsweek isn’t quite forgotten and, more importantly, that The Daily Beast’s brand as a digital carnivore (it’s in the name, y’all) is taking a further step toward the literal.

Most importantly: Will more people flock to a website that name-checks a magazine that once declared Obama the “first gay president”?

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