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Why Janet Jackson's performance is the best Super Bowl halftime show of the last 10 years

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The answer is simple: It was ACTUALLY memorable. Granted, it became a gigantic scandal after Jackson’s bare breast was exposed by co-performer Justin Timberlake, but it also made the halftime show feel like a true event. More often than not, this break in between quarters (Football is quarters right?) feels like something you’d see at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and not something more fitting the audience of gagillion people watching.

I mean there are a few great performances from the last 10 years, like Prince in 2007, but looking at a list of past headliners I mostly just think, They did a half-time show? Like apparently in 2003, No Doubt, Shania Twain and Sting (unclear if he brought his lute) all took to the stage of the San Diego Qualcomm Stadium and sang together.  And it’s blurry, but I feel like last year Madonna wore age inappropriate pigtails and did age inappropriate cartwheels. Now, my fuzzy memory could stem from one too many Michelob Ultras imbibed but I’m choosing to believe it’s the lack of genuine surprise year after year. So, I’m really hoping that all of this Beyonce performance secrecy actually leads to some sort of exhilarating reveal. And that’s why I throw my support to Janet and her poor naked nipple. It may have caused a big ol’ media storm but isn’t that more fun than a yawn?

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