Darren Franich
February 05, 2013 AT 06:25 PM EST

Have you watched the Fast 6 Super Bowl trailer a couple dozen times? Do you feel like you’ve sufficiently dissected that car-flip-tastic minute of cinema? Well, fellow films fans: Prepare yourself. Get yourself a body bag, strap yourself in, and check out the full three-and-a-half minute trailer which just hit the internet in the face. Here’s a quick tease of what you’ll see: More cars. Gina Carano getting into a totally badass punch-and-kick-you-down-the-stairs fight with Michelle Rodriguez. The dude from The Raid doing a flying kick into Tyrese. Things collapsing. EVERYTHING COLLAPSING. Vin Diesel saying “Ride or die” in that voice that sounds like his vocal cord was replaced by a cannon. Watch and learn:

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