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One Star Netflix Reviews is reading your hatorade -- and republishing it


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There are a lot of bad movies on Netflix. There are also a lot of bad reviews of bad movies, and bad reviews of good movies. And weird reviews.

Along comes One Star Netflix Reviews, which compiles – you guessed it – one star reviews on Netflix. If you enjoy any of the following – really specific complaints about generally beloved things, clearly defined lists, and poor grammar – you’ll love this site. Here are our favorite reviews below:

On WALL-E: “If your wanting entertainment, its NOT for adults. This is a childs film … There are NO words spoken for almost 30-40 minutes into the film. And the few words that do come out after the 30-40 minutes, are so dull and EXTREMELY limited that it makes the film even more dull.”

On There Will Be Blood: “My wife said it was painful and tiring to watch. We like bizarre movies too. Coen Brothers stuff, Quentin Tarantino Moulin Rouge!, etc.”

On Annie Hall: “In my opinion it was shallow, ridiculous, vapid, silly, horribly acted, not the least bit amusing, disgusting, and a bigger waste of 90 minutes than the last lunch I had with my ex.”

On Do the Right Thing: “If everyone in the movie was a little more tolerant of others none of the things at the end would have ever happened.”

OSNR is barely day-old, and being updated frequently. Stay tuned.

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