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Why don't you age?! 11 stars who might be immortal

Ageless Stars Rob Lowe

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The Following features a lot of scary imagery – the word “NEVERMORE” scrawled in blood on a wall, those creepy Edgar Allan Poe masks, oodles and oodles of gouged-out eyeballs. But the spookiest thing about the show may be its star – whose face in 2013 is almost as boyish as it was when he starred in Footloose nearly three decades ago.

What can explain Bacon’s immortal looks – good genes? An all-kale diet? Is he secretly a vampire, maybe? Whatever the cause, he’s not alone – Hollywood is filled with folks who never seem to age. Here’s a list of the top 11; let’s hope they share the secret to eternal life with the rest of us someday.

Immortal star: Kevin Bacon

Age in first photo: 27
Age in second photo: 54
Verdict: Maybe the lower your Bacon Number, the closer you are to immortality. Bacon’s number, naturally, is the lowest of them all.

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