Clark Collis
February 08, 2013 AT 08:27 PM EST

The best non-fiction film I saw last year — and maybe the best film I saw, period — was The Shining documentary Room 237. Directed by Rodney Ascher, the movie showcases the theories of five unseen Shining obsessives about what Stanley Kubrick really intended with his 1980 Stephen King adaptation. The end result is at least twice as entertaining — and at least five times funnier — than that synopsis might indicate. (My colleague Owen Gleiberman did a much better job of summing up the movie when, in the course of writing about his favorite movies of 2012, he described it as “a veritable Kubrickian Da Vinci Code that’s really about the power that conspiracy theory now holds over our thinking.”)

Following a very limited theatrical run in December, IFC is releasing the film properly on March 29 and has just put out a trailer which wittily echoes the tone of Kubrick’s glacially paced, but ultimately blood-drenched, horror classic.

Check it out and see if you agree.

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