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'1D in 3D' trailer: One Direction's concert movie will be a scream -- VIDEO

Why does the teaser trailer for One Direction’s upcoming concert movie helpfully begin with a title card that confirms viewers are, in fact, about to watch the teaser trailer for One Direction’s upcoming concert movie? Maybe it’s simply to give die-hard Directioners extra time to get their squeals out.

In any case, the teaser’s pretty much what you’d expect – voiceovers from the guys about how they never thought they’d get this famous, performance footage, backstage goofing off, and nearly wall-to-wall shrieking, courtesy of the group’s ginormous teen girl fanbase. (Directioners really give Beliebers a run for their money.) The one thing that’s missing: Any sort of personal stamp from Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock, who directed the film. Turn down the volume – lest your eardrums burst – and tune in here:

1D in 3D will have middle schoolers sobbing in a town near you starting Aug. 30.

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