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New 'Oblivion' trailer sheds light on Tom Cruise's sci-fi adventure -- VIDEO

The international trailer for Tom Cruise’s upcoming “WALL•E meets Battlestar Galactica” movie Oblivion reveals a little more about the film’s dystopic premise than its first trailer – and shines more of a spotlight on both Olga Kurylenko, who plays a mysterious woman from Cruise’s past, and Andrea Riseborough, who plays his semi-sinister colleague.

The film, set 60 years after an alien invasion that destroyed Earth, follows Cruise’s Jack Harper – not to be confused with Jack Reacher – as he works to repair security drones on the ravaged planet. When Jack defies orders by rescuing an oddly familiar stranger from a crashed spaceship, he ignites a chain of events that exposes everything he’s been told about the invasion as a lie. Morgan Freeman also co-stars. Check out the second trailer below.

Oblivion opens April 19.

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