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Samantha Highfill
February 20, 2013 AT 06:00 AM EST

Once again, the Hastings household is officially the least-safe place to be in Rosewood. Well, other than the woods and the occasional elevator. Between Toby’s knowledge of Spencer’s house, Melissa’s presence and all the fancy showers/saunas, we’d suggest Spencer and Aria spend their Team Sparia time at the Montgomery residence.

For those of you playing catch-up, Spencer was a busy girl in Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 20 “Hot Water.” After hiding from just about everyone in her life, making out with Wren, and having her first red coat sighting, she suffered the latest “A”ttack in her own bathroom. First, her fancy shower turned into a sauna. Then, a certain black hoodie got involved and turned the sauna into more of a boiler room. Luckily, Aria was there to save her (from being burned to death?!). Was it Toby that attacked Spencer? The message “A” left certainly seemed jealous of Wren. Does that mean that in some weird twisted way Toby actually does care?

But Spencer wasn’t the only one locking lips with an older man in this episode. Yep, you guessed it: Ezra returned! Unfortunately, so did his mother. However, despite Ms. Fitzscary’s presence and her ability to make Aria doubt everything about her relationship, Ezra still professed his love for Aria, and the couple shared a long-awaited kiss. But don’t get too excited Ezria fans. Mama Fitzgerald won’t go down without a fight: She’s selling Maggie’s condo. Will Maggie end up moving to Rosewood? Will she and Malcolm live with Ezra? Is the drama already becoming too much for Aria? Hey, she is only a senior in high school.

Moving on to more make-out sessions! Turns out Paige wasn’t done trying to track down the queen of hearts from the Halloween train. And when Emily and Hanna tagged along to the Rosewood Costume Shop to help investigate, we discovered that Shana and Paige had a definite … vibe. Paige later confessed that she and Shana dated for three weeks during the summer before Paige thought she had a chance with Emily. It sounds sweet, but do you believe her? Is Shana just an old fling?

Well, we didn’t have time to find out before Emily went to find CeCe, who was running out of town after Wilden took her for a spin in his car. According to CeCe, she thought that Wilden was the father of Ali’s baby, and she even thought he killed Ali, but she never found out the truth. But you know who might know? Melissa Hastings, who was the photographer behind that picture of Ali, Wilden and CeCe on the boat. And apparently, on the night that Ali disappeared, Ali was headed to retrieve some videos that Melissa, of all people, was really interested in. Thoughts?

Now to the man who drove CeCe out of town: Wilden. After Hanna told her mom the theories on Wilden and Ali, Wilden pulled Ashley over for a late-night chat. But when he threatened to shut Hanna up and appeared to reach for his gun, Ashley hit the gas pedal and then hit Wilden with her car. And when she returned with Hanna to retrieve the body, it was gone. Does the “With Deepest Sympathy” wreath that “A” was making mean that Wilden is dead? If so, where’s the body?

Other questions: Will Aria tell Ezra about her kiss with Wesley? Could Melissa be red coat (in a wig)? Is Jason really “laying low in Virginia?” And how will the girls react to finding out the truth about Toby?

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