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Annie Barrett
February 24, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EST

You’ll want to be right here on tonight as Oscar host Seth MacFarlane enters “that perfect Goldilocks zone, of classic showmanship and fresh comedy that keeps everything relevant.” [FART JOKE.] [STEWIE VOICE!]

Starting at 6 p.m. ET, our Oscars dashboard will feature photos of the red carpet, a live video feed of celebrity arrivals, and highlights from the ceremony throughout the night. There’s no need to look anywhere else! Maybe your TV screen. If you must.

And we’ll be live blogging the whole time, as usual, so join the conversation! Mandi Bierly and I kick it off with the E! red carpet at 6 — you know we love nothing more than to recline in our non-couture jammies and carefully track the progression of Ryan Seacrest’s “Is this the real life?” facial winces following every mention of the dreaded Mani-Cam. Then at 8, Darren Franich and Keith Staskiewicz take over for the real meaty, highbrow, film-oriented segment of the festivities (who’s sitting where, who’s throwing delicious side-eyes, how many times the camera cuts to Anne Hathaway, and whether Jack Nicholson’s grin looks more devilish onstage — he’s presenting! –than in his seat).

Ready? Tablet and laptop users, click HERE to go to our Oscars dashboard! (Mobile phone users, you can follow the live blog [only] below.)

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