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Sandra Gonzalez
February 26, 2013 AT 11:31 PM EST

Tonight on CBS, viewers will be introduced to Commissioner Walter William Clark, Jr. (Theo James), a weathered former wonder boy whose success, we learn, came at a big price. How big? That’s what we’ll find out as we watch Golden Boy, the new series from veteran NYPD Blue producer Nicholas Wootton and Greg Berlanti.

The series, premiering tonight on CBS, centers on Clark’s stories about his meteoric rise, with these flashbacks to seven years prior acting as the meat of the hour-long show.

Chi McBride (Boston Public) plays Clark’s partner, Rob Owen, a soon-to-be-retired longtime detective who is counting down the days until his exit. Owen is matched up with the young, cocky Clark in the first episode, and while the two have a rocky start, it won’t always be that way, says McBride. “He’s trying to retire without being put in the ground and then this kid comes around and wakes up something that’s been dormant in him for many, many years,” explains McBride. “Our relationship develops not unlike a relationship that is between Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Then there’s Tony Arroyo (Kevin Alejandro, True Blood), a fellow detective who gets the job done but has a known distaste for rules and regulations. “We have the feud between Clark and Kevin’s character that starts pretty quickly and then it develops into a darker beast,” teases James. “And by the end [of the season], you’re left with a pretty big shock about what’s going to happen to them.”

Viewers will get a better idea of what he means after watching tonight’s pilot on CBS, and in episodes to come, Alejandro says viewers will learn more about the history of the precinct before Clark’s arrival, one that is sullied with secrets. “You definitely get a sense of who [Owen and Arroyo] were before Clark came into the picture. At one point, Owen and Arroyo were partners, so you [come to] understand what went wrong,” says Alejandro. “I think in any episode you have Arroyo in, he’s there to make it difficult for everybody but himself.”

Golden Boy premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET.


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