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Tina Fey seriously isn't hosting the Oscars. Seriously -- VIDEO

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The good news: Tina Fey has “sweatpants-mandatory” Oscar viewing parties, and if you eat your vegetables – er, off-brand Mexican cheese curls – and wish real hard, someday you might be invited to one.

The bad news: She really, really isn’t going to host the Oscar ceremony anytime soon. The subject came up last night on the Late Show, where Fey was appearing to promote her new movie Admission. After David Letterman complimented her performance at the Golden Globes, he asked if she and Amy Poehler might be up for the Academy Awards as well. Fey’s answer, unfortunately, echoed remarks she made to the Huffington Post this week: “I don’t think so. I’ll tell you what – for a woman, just the amount of dresses you would have to try on… It’s a dealbreaker. I’m out.”

Well, blerg. At least she sort of makes up for this later in the interview by predicting that one of her daughters will grow up to be a “lesbian paleontologist.” Check out the clip here:

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