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'Star Trek: The Video Game' and Gorn supremacy

This is a big year for all lifeforms in Federation space – the Hollywood film franchise returns in May with Star Trek Into Darkness and then Star Trek: The Video Game seeks out new brand frontiers with its April arrival – but no alien race is heating up more than the cold-blooded Gorn, represented above by their rapacious leader.

In the original Trek series, the alien reptile hegemony was represented by but one individual, the menacing captain of a Gorn ship who tussled with Starfleet Captain James T. Kirk in a 1967 episode called “Arena.” That was it for the Gorn on the ABC series; the Vulcans, Klingons and Romulans (the glamour aliens in the Star Trek universe) showed up again and again but the Gorn never got a callback and were cast off like old snakeskin – well, if snakes were made of stiff rubber.

The indignities continued. When Mego was making magic out of plastic they turned their attention to Star Trek – but the Gorn were treated like a scaly second-class citizen. The Gorn plaything was built on the basic body of a Planet of the Apes action figure and for a head he was given a brown version of the head designed for The Lizard (from Mego’s Spider-Man line) and hand-me-down Klingon clothing. Under that cruel brown tint, there’s no doubt the Gorn green with envy and red-faced with shame.

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