Sandra Gonzalez
March 06, 2013 AT 09:32 PM EST

It’s been far too long since we’ve had some new Doctor Who, but with the show’s March 30 return right around the corner, the wait is nearly over.

And to reward us for our patience, BBC has released a few new photos from the second half of season 7.

Check them out below, with commentary on what we know about the episodes so far.


1. In “The Bells of St John,” pictured above, Clara goes on her first official adventure with the Doctor and the pair hits up London, where they find something unsettling lurking in the area’s Wi-Fi signals. Penned by Steven Moffat himself, the episode is also said to introduce something called Spoonheads. BURNING QUESTION: Is anyone else really happy to see the Fez?

2. This new batch of photos included a couple of shots of the monsters of the week from the second half of season 7, including the draconian seen above, who appears in an episode penned by Luther creator Neil Cross penned episode 8 and a redesigned Ice Warrior.

3. This is also from the Cross-penned episode 8, which is set on an alien planet.

4. Episode 10, seen above, features guest stars Dougray Scott, who will next be seen in the Netflix horror series Hemlock Grove, and will take the Doctor and Clara into a haunted house.

Also coming in the second half: Neil Gaiman’s episode featuring the Cybermen, an adventure on a submarine, and much more! See more photos here.


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