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Sandra Gonzalez
March 06, 2013 AT 05:27 PM EST

My lovely roomies, I hope you’re well. Hello from sunny California, where (#twist!) I now live! Exciting, right?

Now, it won’t really affect our weekly party, but I just wanted to share the news because we’re pals. Anyway, that’s my life update. Now for a juicy update on all your favorite shows!

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Elena + pink streaks? It’s true! But this new ‘do is only part of the Elena makeover fans will be seeing from the sans-humanity Elena, reveals executive producer Julie Plec.

“I said to the wardrobe people and Nina [Dobrev], ‘We’re burning everything. So if there are one or two things that you’re damn sure you want to keep, she better be wearing them when she walks out the door.’ I think Nina chose a jacket and a pair of boots and we called it a day,” she says.

The fun of this mini-reinvention, says Plec, is that they’ve been wanting to sort of evolve Elena’s look in recent years, and now they have their chance. “She had a very, very, very specific and safe style for the first three seasons, and this year, we evolved it a little bit when she became a vampire and had a little more freedom in her choices. But now we literally packed up all her clothes and put them into storage and bought her a new wardrobe.”

So how’s it going to look? “It’s just a little hipper, a little more contemporary — more skirts and belts and accessories, and she gets a great new haircut in two episodes and has a little fun with hair color. It’s been really fun to give her a new attitude,” Plec adds.


Looking for all this tension between Nick and Renard to finally reach a climax on Grimm? Then the March 8 episode will NOT disappoint.

In this week’s episode, Nick is a little upset after finding out about Renard and Juliette, and David Giuntoli previews that Nick won’t take the personal betrayal very well. “There’s a major clash of the titans — I guess, one titan and one guy who’s, like, 5-foot-10,” jokes the actor. “The Captain and I have a big fight in the woods, Grimm-style.”

Their clash, though, isn’t the encounter you’ll likely be buzzing about. One meeting between Renard and Juliette will go down as one of the weirdest and most intense makeout session ever. (Hint: There’s a gun involved)

But the episode’s buzziest moment happens right at the end. It involves a possible surprise [SPOILER]…


As Psych fans might have heard, Maggie Lawson has been tapped to star in an ABC comedy pilot. But what does this mean for Psych and/or Juliet? Let’s just say it’s too soon to sweat.

“We’re so happy and excited for Maggie having all of these opportunities, and we never want to begrudge somebody who has an opportunity star in their own show — especially in something that’s a big project like this,” executive producer Steve Franks tells me.

Additionally, dozens of pilots are made every season with only a few getting picked up for full seasons. And if that happens, says Franks, “we have a great contingency plan. … We have a plan in place. We’re rooting for her show to get picked up, and that’s the way we work on our show.”

Meanwhile, as Psych writers prepare to head into the writers’ room to start crafting season 8, Franks left me with this cryptic — but very exciting — tease: “We have one thing we’re going to try to do this year that I don’t think any show has ever done before. So I’ll be pretty excited if we pull it off.”

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