Geoff Boucher
March 06, 2013 AT 02:36 PM EST

In the search for universal insight, we bring you two cosmic questions from the Marvel Universe: Will moviegoers embrace the unknown next summer when Marvel Studios delivers the eccentric Guardians of the Galaxy film? And, in the uncharted frontier of digital comics, how far can Marvel’s Infinite Comics go with its ongoing mission to find new readers?

Time will answer those shrouded mysteries, but there may be hints to both in a new release that arrives today in the Marvel digital space: Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics, the first in a special four-issue series (written by Brian Michael Bendis and posted bi-weekly — you’ll find exclusive looks at the art above and below) in the Infinite format.

The Infinite format premiered last year (with Avengers vs. X-Men Infinite Comics) as a re-engineered approach to digital comics. Designed with tablet readers in mind, its nimble panel-controlling options have been generally well-reviewed and there could be a new wave of interest, scrutiny, and critique with the high-profile Guardians title, just the fourth to be available (through the Marvel Comics app) under the initiative’s banner.

Bendis, the comics writer who has become a central figure for Marvel Universe storytelling as it stretches across media, says that Infinite has already represented a cosmic leap for a medium that is still undefined in the public mind. “An Infinite comic book is exploring the new world of digital publication but still maintaining the essential elements that makes a comic book a comic book,” Bendis says. “Most digital comic books are essentially scanned pages that the reader has limited ability to manipulate, but an Infinite comic makes the reader part of the sequential storytelling.”

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