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Samantha Highfill
March 06, 2013 AT 06:00 AM EST

Detective Wilden is alive! Spencer is locked up! Toby’s body is missing! Yep, I think it’s safe to say that Rosewood has officially passed Mystic Falls as the craziest place to live, and it doesn’t even have supernatural beings … that we know of. Let’s dig in!

After Melissa showed up at the school looking for Spencer, the girls set out on a very lackluster mission to find her. In their not-at-all-panicked search for Spencer, Aria decided to help Ezra find a teaching job, and Hanna convinced her mom that a job in New York might be a good thing. Meanwhile, Jane Doe (aka Spencer) was busy bonding with her caretaker at Radley, whose name just happened to be Eddie Lamb. Eddie spilled the beans that they thought Spencer might have amnesia (which was clearly false), and that the only reason she was sent to Radley was because county was full. Talk about good timing.

But despite her best efforts, Spencer was only able to remain Jane Doe for a few hours. Eddie learned her real name as soon as Dr. Sullivan arrived for Spencer’s 72-hour psych evaluation, during which she could only be visited by family members (aka Melissa). Except, of course, when Mona crept in to tell Spencer that Ali was never pregnant and that she has nearly all of Ali’s diaries on her iPad. And while we’re on the topic of Radley, here’s everything else we learned: First, Eddie revealed that they had an issue with the badges and visitor passes a while back, and it was traced back to someone on the staff. Does that mean Wren was in on things?! Next, Eddie informed Spencer that she was staying in Mona’s old room, and that Mona wasn’t the only reason Toby knew how to get into Radley. It turned out, Eddie knew a young boy named Toby whose mother was a patient. Hmmm …

As Spencer was getting the goods from Eddie, the rest of the Liars found out about her whereabouts from Melissa, who spoke with Dr. Sullivan. Luckily, Dr. Sullivan didn’t believe in doctor-patient confidentiality, because she told Emily all about Toby’s body, which the police still hadn’t found, by the way. But that didn’t stop Spencer from thinking she was the reason Toby died. And in a therapy session, Spence revealed that, for a moment, when she fell in the woods, she wanted to die. And as she hallucinated her three best friends sitting across from her, she told them, “You don’t know who I am anymore, and you can’t count on me.” Do you think Spencer is really losing it, or is she doing some pretty little lying?

With the girls unable to sneak in to see Spencer, Hanna spent the episode getting her mom to her conference and dealing with the alive-and-breathing Wilden, who wanted the keys to his car. Here are my questions: Why does he want that car so badly? What was in it? And what does Pastor Ted know? Did anyone else find his questions a little telling?

Away from the family drama, Emily met up with Shana, who introduced her to Missy Franklin and then revealed that she was also a swimmer. Was this just a random interaction, or was Shana distracting Emily? And how much longer is Ezria going to last now that Aria lied to the principal and Aria’s parents want them broken up?

Also, we have to talk about this flashback! What did Ali mean when she said she was writing her diaries for Spencer to carry on after she’s gone. Did she know that she was going to die? Is she really dead?

The final scene of the night: The “A” lair went mobile in Rosewood! What was that “Staff” pass on the mirror? And who was behind the wheel? Finally, any theories on Toby’s status?

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