Hillary Busis
March 06, 2013 AT 03:15 PM EST

Can you count to one billion?

YouTube can — and according to the video-sharing site, Sesame Street has officially become the first nonprofit to garner enough views to give “Gangnam Style” a run for its money. “Access to educational video used to be restricted to whatever tapes or DVDs happened to be in the library or at home,” YouTube EDU strategic partner manager Caitlin Hendrickson tells EW. “Now, high quality, entertaining, and informative content is available on demand wherever there’s an Internet connection. As a result, education is one of the fastest growing content categories on YouTube and Sesame Street is at the forefront of this growth.”

Naturally, the beloved kiddie institution is celebrating this milestone the best way it knows how — with a pair of special messages from Sesame Street‘s resident number-lover, Count Von Count.

In a post on the YouTube Blog, the Count pays tribute to one of his favorites, the number zero. (“Zero comes in very handy when there is nothing around to count… Like right now, as I look around the castle, I count zero elephants, zero airplanes, and zero Justin Bieber CDs. Wonderful.”) And in this exuberant video, he counts all the “You”s in YouTube — a project worthy of his considerable talents. Check it out below:

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