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'Hannibal' teaser: 'His name may ring a bell' -- VIDEO

So here’s the thing about NBC’s Hannibal: even though we know that the clever serial-killing Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) will help catch other serial killers before – spoiler: inevitably – getting caught himself, we know very little about the show itself. It’s a thriller from Bryan Fuller, premiering on April 4. Hugh Dancy plays Will Graham, the FBI profiler previously played by William Peterson (Manhunter) and Edward Norton (Red Dragon). And… that’s about it, save for one fractal 30-second teaser released back in February.

And now we can add another 15 seconds of footage to the evidence with another, even shorter, teaser. Do we learn anything new? No. Does the footage satisfy the double requirements of high-class gore and puns? Absolutely.

A warning, though: someone’s arm was probably harmed in the making.

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