Lindsey Bahr
March 07, 2013 AT 05:56 PM EST

How many marriages have you predicted will end badly and prematurely? How many proved devastatingly accurate?

Picking up where most romantic comedies would roll the credits, I Give It A Year checks in with an unlikely couple during their first year of marriage. And no one believes that Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) are going to make it. Not their families, friends, not even their minister. They’re too different. Josh is a messy but charming struggling novelist, and Nat is a high-strung, type-A striver.

“For my generation, marriage has become fashionable again,” Spall (Life of Pi) said. “And when something like that becomes fashionable, then you end up with a lot of people who shouldn’t be together. People getting married for the wrong reasons.”

As if learning to live with another person isn’t enough, Nat and Josh also have to deal with those pesky, uncomplicated, possibly more suitable mates that always pop up at the worst times, played by Anna Faris and Simon Baker (who looks like he might be reprising his dashing man about town role from The Devil Wears Prada.)

Written and directed by Dan Mazer (Borat, Bruno), I Give It A Year will premiere at SXSW in the Narrative Spotlight category. EW got an exclusive clip of the unhappy couple attending their first therapy session. Check it out past the jump.

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