Nuzhat Naoreen
March 08, 2013 AT 05:00 AM EST

Big Hair

Elizabeth (Keri Russell) won’t get a perm. ”If Keri shows up with an enormous Golden Girls sweater over leggings and big hair,” says Gering, ”it’s going to be tough to concentrate on what’s going on.”

Shoulder Embellishments

There could be shoulder pads on guest stars, but Elizabeth and Philip (Matthew Rhys) will steer clear. Like big hair, Gering says, ”it will look cartoonish, or it would be too distracting.”


The suburban-set series has an earthy palette, but Gering may add color as the action progresses beyond 1981. ”We could bring in a little neon with [daughter] Paige and with [son] Henry.”

Miami Vice Jackets

If The Americans makes it to 1984, when Vice debuted, Gering will consider the style — but only as a disguise. ”I can see Philip in a hilarious Miami Vice jacket and loafers with no socks.”


Run-DMC may have dominated the decade, but their gaudy accessories probably won’t hit the D.C. suburbs. ”We’re not in an urban setting,” Gering explains. ”So it would have to be downplayed.”

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