James Hibberd
March 09, 2013 AT 07:37 AM EST

Below are more artistic takes on the world of HBO’s Game of Thrones courtesy of Austin’s Mondo Gallery. The images are part of an exhibit that opened Friday, timed to the start of the South by Southwest film festival. Earlier we showed you the two posters in the exhibit that are being sold as prints. Here’s 10 original pieces from the exhibit. If you want to buy the first one, however, you have to pay a heap of Golden Dragons and Silver Stags — $15,000 for an oil painting that includes several of the Thrones-verse fan-favorite characters. The rest are more modestly priced.

Universal Pictures

Artist: Sanjulian[/caption] 

Lawrence of Arabia: Photofest

Artist: Craig Drake[/caption]

Claire Folger

Artist: N C Winters[/caption]

Everett Collection

Artist: Jason Edmiston[/caption]

Doug Emmett

Artist: Mike Mitchell[/caption]


Artist: Tom Bradshaw[/caption]


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