Geoff Boucher
March 10, 2013 AT 05:21 PM EDT

Fans of wrestling nationwide will have the pay-per-view pleasure tonight of watching Lockdown 2013, the latest crafted conflict from TNA Wrestling (and no, we looked it up, it actually stands for Total Non-stop Action). One of the big moments will be the tag-team title match, which will feature the preening Christopher Daniels and his partner, Kazarian, as they take on two other brawny, bellowing tandems.

At some point Daniels, a 43-year-old native of Kalamazoo, Mich., will likely strike a pose that he picked up in the Marvel Universe or in baneful Gotham City — that’s because the Lex Luthor look-a-like is a devoted fan of comics who has even entered the ring dressed as Magneto, the Marvel’s mutant master of magnetism. What are the ties that bind comics to wrestling? We asked the black-hat ringmaster to pin it all down for us.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Wrestlers seem to have a lot in common with comic book characters — they fly through the air, they make a lot of fans and enemies, the whole thing with tights. Do you think comics were a compass that pointed you toward your destiny?

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS: Not exactly. I grew up as a fan of both comic books and professional wrestling, but it wasn’t until I had been a wrestler for many years that I realized how much of a crossover there is between comic fans and wrestling fans and the similarities between the two forms of entertainment. I’ve said many times that the closest thing to a real-life superhero is a professional wrestler. We tell stories of good vs. evil in the ring, and we all have our own “powers,” whether it be brute strength, extreme agility, amazing high-flying acrobatics, or incomparable technical prowess.

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