Sandra Gonzalez
March 11, 2013 AT 05:09 PM EDT

The March 25 episode of How I Met Your Mother won’t mark the first time the show has played with time-travel (See: season 5’s “The Window”) but it could be the greatest!

In the episode, Ted will meet future versions of himself and Barney, who show up to try to convince him to attend Robots Versus Wrestlers. (See an exclusive photo below.) As we know, this isn’t the first time Ted has been reluctant to attend the awesome-filled event. Back in season 5, he ditched the event — missing the chance to meet his Mexican wrestler doppelgänger — and instead chose to go to a fancy party. Lame, Ted. Lame.

Here’s hoping he makes a better decision this time around. Actually, we know he eventually does, since Ted previously stated that the event turns into an annual tradition for the gang.


Also in the episode: Marshall challenges Robin to a dance-off — WHAT ABOUT HIS DANCER’S HIP!? — and Jayma Mays guest stars as a coat check girl.


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