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The Alan Partridge movie has a teaser trailer and a title -- VIDEO

Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge is one of the great creations in recent TV history, a hilariously vain narcissist who has relentlessly failed as a radio host, a TV host, and a human being across various media platforms for close to 20 years. Coogan is probably best known in America for 24 Hour Party People, various bit parts in huge blockbuster comedies, and that video where he imitated Michael Caine. You might also just know him as “that British comedian your friend swears is really funny, if you just give him a chance.”

That chance is arriving on the big screen this summer, when Coogan brings Alan Partridge to movie theaters with a new movie. In a teaser for the film, Partridge tries to come up with a title for the movie. Possibilities include Gunbird, Hectic Danger Day, and Colossal Velocity. Watch the teaser to find out the winner:

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