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Oprah responds to Terrence Howard's love-scene comment: 'I do have big breasteses'

Everyone in Hollywood seems to have an Oprah story, whether it’s growing up wanting to be her, being interviewed by her, or, if you’re Terrence Howard, filming a love scene with her.

In their upcoming movie, The Butler, Howard and Winfrey’s characters share a love scene, which according to Winfrey, was supposed to be a little scene before Howard “misbehaved.” Winfrey, who sat down on the other side of the sofa (or chair) with Steve Harvey, claims that Howard is ”a misbehaving kind of boy.”

She is, of course, talking about Howard’s recent interview, in which he discussed her “tig ol’ bitties” and the fact that she is a “lovely, voluptuous woman.” Watch Howard’s comments and Oprah’s response below.

Winfrey’s response? She tells Harvey, “I do have big breasteses.”

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