Beauty Geek: Yoko Ono's makeup tips for men -- VIDEO |

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Beauty Geek: Yoko Ono's makeup tips for men -- VIDEO


(Opening Ceremony)

Are you the kind of fashion-forward guy who’s brave enough to wear pants with the seat cut out, an LED light up jock strap, and a bra? Then you’re the target audience for Yoko Ono’s latest project.

After designing a capsule menswear collection for Opening Ceremony last year, Ono has re-teamed with the fashion label to produce a video titled Yoko Ono: Make-Up Tips for Men.

Just don’t expect to learn how to apply Adam Lambert-style guyliner.

Broken down into three sections – Daytime Make-Up, Evening Make-Up, and Dawn Make-Up – the video is Ono’s latest conceptual art piece, a mix of animation and text set to a remix of Ono’s “The Sun is Down.” Sure, there’s plenty of rainbows and glitter, but no actual beauty advice. (Sample line: “Everything that sparkles will bring you a sparkling life. Sparkling eyes, sparkling belly button, sparkling legs!”)

What does it all mean!? Watch the video below, head to the comments and enlighten us.

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