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Uh, History Channel's 'Bible' devil looks awfully familiar

The Bible Satan

(Joe Alblas/History Channel)

Are the creators of History Channel’s The Bible trying to tell us something? Here’s a photo of actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni as Satan in “Hope,” one of two episodes that aired last night:

Yeah, he definitely bears a striking resemblance to Frank Langella as Richard Nixon. Or, you know, a cross between President Barack Obama and Emperor Palpatine. Guess this is just one of the “weird things” that happened on the show’s set.

Folks started to notice the connection between Obama and History’s Satan last night, while the program was still airing. Thank Glenn Beck for spreading the good news across Twitter:


Bible executive producer Mark Burnett – a former Obama campaign donor – hasn’t yet commented on Lucifer’s appearance. He could defend the choice, though, by noting that Ouazanni has appeared in several other biblically-themed projects, including ABC’s 2006 miniseries The Ten Commandments, NBC’s 2000 miniseries In The Beginning, and the 1997 TV movie David. It could also be Burnett’s answer to the decapitated George Bush head that appeared during Game of Thrones’s first season – and has since been digitally scrubbed from the series.

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