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March 19, 2013 AT 12:00 PM EDT

This show. Seriously, just when I was starting to worry they were stretching out the Nick-Jess drama too much… DAMN. As in, “Damn, that was hot.” But also as in, “Damn you, fish tank!” Before we get into it, SPOILER ALERT!!! We’re putting up tonight’s recap a little early, so look alive, non-East Coasters and DVR dilly-dalliers. For everyone else, let’s do this.

We knew this moment was inevitable, Newbies. We knew Jess and Nick would eventually have to confront their underlying feelings about each other and the kiss head-on. Did we know that confrontation would involve slapstick, Vicodin, and a shattered fish tank? Nope. But that’s New Girl for ya. Once again, I couldn’t be happier with how the writers are handling the evolution of this relationship, not least of which because they didn’t betray their creations by forcing them to blather completely out-of-character rom-com clichés. (But that is another discussion for another day.) This latest step by Nick and Jess was so messy and imperfect that it somehow spun back around to perfect. It was deliciously them, and it makes you start to think — no matter what Liz Meriwether says — that these two have a shot.

Unsurprisingly, it was another woman that set the wheels in motion to push Jess and Nick closer. Nick was embracing more responsibility at the bar. Gone were the days of peeing in the register and his “Take a Drink, Leave a Drink” policies. Now he was pitching promotional nights and forcing the gang to pay for their bevvies. Nick’s move toward maturity was a major turn-on for Jess, who literally screamed at him from sexual frustration when he started to do his laundry. Little did Jess know, though, Nick was shaping up to impress his new manager Shane (Odette Annable). Jess didn’t meet Shane until well in the episode, but her first introduction to the fellas was pretty ridiculous. “God, I can’t stop thinking about the other night,” she growled at Nick between ravenous making out. “Hope you gave that bar a good wipe-down.” And what did she like about Nick? “You’re just, like, the opposite of everyone I went to business school with. You’re so real. You’re a mess! I had dirt on my face after we made out. God, I loved it!” After she left, Nick told the guys, “I know this isn’t going to end well, but the whole middle part’s gonna be awesome!”

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