David Lee
Erin Strecker
March 22, 2013 AT 10:30 PM EDT

Like a whole heck of a lot of people, I love Tina Fey. I love her so much, in fact, that I’m going to see Admission this weekend even though the movie doesn’t personally appeal to me. Fey is one of the few people on my list of stars that I’ll go to see in absolutely anything. Happily, Fey’s Admission co-star, World’s Most Likable Person Paul Rudd, also makes that list. Regardless of the story, I simply like watching the two of them onscreen together.

The other actress that I will support, regardless of the film, is Reese Witherspoon. I first fell in love with her in Legally Blonde, and then went back and watched some of her older movies that I had missed – Pleasantville and ElectionCruel Intentions and The Man in the Moon. And now, she’s my comfort food; I’ve been in theaters for every movie of hers since.

So I’m curious: What actors will you always pay up to see on the big screen? Or nowadays is everyone only as good as the plot?

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