Also Available: March 29, 2013 |


Also Available: March 29, 2013

More books released this week

New Hardcovers

The Drunken Botanist
Amy Stewart
Be the most informed drinker at your next cocktail party with this fascinating tome about the plant origins of alcohol.

Ryan McIlvain
Debut Novel
Two young Mormons profess and question their faith on a mission trip to Brazil.

Mary Coin
Marisa Silver
Historical Fiction
Silver imagines the life of the subject of “Migrant Mother,” one of the most famous photos of all time.

New Paperback

Coral Glynn
Peter Cameron
Get swept up in this subtle and complicated tale set in the gorgeous English countryside.

Sexy Feminism
Jennifer Keishin Armstrong & Heather Wood Rudúlph
Armstrong (a former writer for Entertainment Weekly) and Rudúlph prove that sexy and serious aren’t mutually exclusive in their raucous, intelligent manifesto.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank
Nathan Englander
Short Stories
These stories concern Jewish characters navigating the modern world, and each contains a twist that cuts like a dagger. A
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