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A tour through the weird-sick-genius of 'Spring Breakers' director Harmony Korine

Spring Breakers  is not a shy movie by any means, but it is a radical departure for director Harmony Korine. In fact, movies like Gummo, Trash Humpers, and Julien Donkey Boy are so gonzo-bizarro that Springbreakers arguably ranks among the most shocking wide-release departures for a director that we’ve ever seen.

You may have seen Kids back in the ’90s (which Korine wrote, but did not direct), and think you have a general idea. But you don’t. Seriously, you don’t. So to help those who think they’re up for a quick taste, we’ve compiled some scenes (definitely NSFW), categorized by common Korine themes, to give a quick peek at the disturbances dancing around in Korine’s mind before he turned 40 this year and seemingly aged out of his own drug-scrambled insanity (though we thought that before, with the relatively “normal” Mr. Lonely, only to see a return to plot-less insanity in Trash Humpers, so who the hell knows). Enjoy!


‘Trash Humpers’



Wernor Herzog in ‘Julien Donkey Boy’

Trailer for Trash Humpers’


Harmony Korine-directed video starring Die Antwoord

Harmony Korine-directed video for the Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling”

‘Mister Lonely’


Diego Luna in ’Mister Lonely’

Harmony Korine in…. some video called ‘Curb Dancing’




‘Trash Humpers’

‘Julien Donkey Boy’


‘Julien Donkey Boy’


‘Kids’ (with Harmony Korine)

He’s also a helluva Letterman guest:

Originally posted March 22 2013 — 1:49 PM EDT

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