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March 22, 2013 AT 09:20 PM EDT

Laurie Berkner’s new animated shorts series Sing it, Laurie! debuts this Monday, March 25 as part of a Sprout music block (noon-4p.m. ET), and the best-selling singer couldn’t be happier to see it — along with the animated version of herself — come to life.

“Seeing the characters singing and moving is so exciting and is more than my little brain was able to imagine,” she joked. “And I think Little Airplanes [studio] does such good work with that. It’s beautiful to me.”

The series follows a little girl (voiced by Berkner) who uses her music to understand the world around her. Every episode, a minute and 50 seconds long,  will feature a new song, as well as the voice of Grammy-nominated musician Lisa Loeb (who plays a set of twins named Mellie and Nellie). Sing It, Laurie! is produced by Little Airplane, the studio behind Wonder Pets and Small Potatoes.

“There’s a little bit of talking in it but it’s mostly a song, ” says Berkner. “I have a little intro before every episode where I hand things over to animated Laurie. You meet a lot of the characters from the show but there’s only one episode that I am actually in.  It’s called ‘Laurie and Me.'”

Take a look at an exclusive clip from that episode after the jump.

In addition to Sing It, Laurie!, the music block will feature a variety of music videos by other popular children’s artists. There will also be a music microsite launching on where preschoolers and their families can watch full-length videos on a special video player, and play games such as Sing It Laurie Musical Adventures and Chica’s Costume Concert.  Additional videos featuring some of Laurie’s most popular songs will also be available online.

Berkner also wrote the music and lyrics for a musical called Wanda’s Monster, based on the Eileen Spinelli book. The Off-off-Broadway show is part of the Making Books Sing program and starts its run April 19.

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