Sarah Caldwell
March 25, 2013 AT 02:28 PM EDT

EW’s Owen Gleiberman called James Franco “mesmerizing” and “genius” in the role of Alien in Spring Breakers, so it’s no wonder his family is proud of him.

In this new ad for Spring Breakers, which was posted on the movie’s Facebook page, Franco’s adorable grandmother offers her support for the film. Her endorsement over shots of girls in bikinis grabbing guns surely has director Harmony Korine kicking himself for not including her in the movie.

Franco’s grandmother also made a memorable appearance in Funny or Die’s ”Christmas Greetings From the Franco’s” telling James that she was so proud of him for his job in 127 Hours.

Watch the Spring Breakers ad here:

Can we all just admit that it’s more fun to say “Spring Braaake”?

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