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March 25, 2013 AT 04:17 PM EDT

Cramming all of the instantly, endlessly quotable gems from New Girl‘s Schmidt into a scant 106 seconds couldn’t have been easy, but NowThis News tackled the Herculean task. The results, in a new video below, showcase not only Max Greenfield’s stellar performance (those reaction shots! his face during the Chicken Dance!) but also the writers’ down-to-the-threadcount understanding of Schmidt. Check it out below, just don’t take a sip of water before watching, or you’ll end up like Schmidt at 0:35…

Points for sneaking a little bit of Schmidt’s complex blend of casual racism and admiration for India with with the “Dev… and Deepak” joke, and I appreciated the reminder of the epically ridiculous Schmidt-off (ankle rolls and donkey raises?!), but I definitely could have used more season 1. Where was the shout-out to Schmidt’s dairy-centric sexual riffs? Have we already forgotten the DAMP TOWEL!? And not even a dollop of chut-i-ney?

What about  you, PopWatchers? What’s your favorite Schmidt-ism? What are you sad to see didn’t make the cut?

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