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'The Walking Dead': Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the season finale

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(Gene Page/AMC)

Sunday night will bring the season 3 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and just in case you were not already pumped enough, we’ve got a few exclusive behind the scenes images from the episode to whet your appetite…FOR BLOOD! Sorry, got a bit carried away there. In any event, feel free to feast on this. (Click through all three pages to see all the images.)

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The gang’s all here! And armed! And dangerous! But that doesn’t mean they can’t take a second out from battling the Governor to pose for a behind-the-scenes pic. Way to stay in character, Andrew Lincoln! And way to not stay in character, Lauren Cohan! But we’re sure Caryl fans (that’s Carol and Daryl) will be most enthused to see Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride engaging in a friendly embrace. Danai Gurira and Steven Yeun round out our prison protectors. WAIT, WHERE’S HERSHEL, BETH AND CARL?!? Does that mean…gulp!

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