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Why is Tara Reid dressed up like Effie Trinket from 'The Hunger Games'?

Elizabeth Banks

(Murray Close)

Is Tara Reid trying to steal Elizabeth Banks’ Hunger Games gig?

Yesterday, Reid tweeted a photo of herself wearing a blonde wig and powder makeup and dressed in a shocking pink ensemble, a look that bears resemblance to the character Effie Trinket – the role played by Banks in the big screen adaptation of the book series – in a scene from the first Hunger Games movie. Reid made no mention of Effie or The Hunger Games, captioning the photo with: “Today at work shooting my new untitled film produced by jamie kennedy its gonna be super cool!”

See Tara Reid’s Effie-esque look after the jump. 


Perhaps Reid is ripping off Effie’s signature look for a role in a Not Another Teen Movie-style spoof?

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Originally posted March 28 2013 — 1:19 PM EDT


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