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Nakisha Williams
April 04, 2013 AT 11:07 PM EDT

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains details on (and photos of) the General Hospital Nurses’ Ball, which kicks off on Friday, April 5. 

Costume designer Shawn Reeves has been head of the General Hospital wardrobe department for less than a year, but he’s playing a big part in the daytime drama’s 50th anniversary — dressing the characters for the return of one of Port Charles’s finest traditions: the Nurses’ Ball.

“We didn’t really have anything set in stone until three weeks before we started shooting the episode,” Reeves (Another World, Guiding Light) told EW of outfitting the cast for the first Nurses’ Ball — a fictional fundraising event that includes song and dance performances by hospital staff, local luminaries and celebrity guest stars — in over 10 years. “It’s a celebration. I wanted to [bring] out that fun, celebratory mood, which to me means bold, bright colors and a lot of sparkle.”

Despite the time crunch, Reeves put together nearly 100 outfits for the big event. Or rather, events. “There’s the evening show, and there’s the talent show. We have two different shows going on at once. [A lot of the costumes] for the talent show we had custom-made,” the designer explained. “But bringing it back was exciting.”

Click through the photo gallery for a sneak peek at some of the most fashionable moments from the General Hospital Nurses’ Ball special.

Ron Tom/ABC

Opening Number

To inject color into the opening act, the Reeves dressed members of the hospital staff in medical scrubs — customized with the Nurses’ Ball logo — from the Grey’s Anatomy collection. “[A company] designed a line of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs that sell through retailers where nurses buy their actual scrubs. They love them because they’re so comfortable.”

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