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Hillary Busis
April 08, 2013 AT 04:15 PM EDT

Physical comedy is deceptively simple. Anyone can do a pratfall, but most couldn’t do one well — and the number of people who can actually make five minutes of nearly falling, falling, and slowly getting up seem entertaining is smaller still.

Enter Melissa McCarthy, a versatile comedic actor with top notch timing, great delivery, and a physicality that the Three Stooges would admire. Sure, she’s much more than a klutz — but for better or for worse, the physical stuff is what SNL likes to showcase whenever the Bridesmaids star appears on the series. And though surprise appearances from Dennis Rodman and Peter Drunklage Dinklage threatened to steal focus from McCarthy herself, her physical presence helped her nail her second Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

But if McCarthy wants to win the title of Mr./Ms. Saturday Night, she’d better leave those sparkly red platform sandals at home — because beating Justin Timberlake will be an uphill battle.  The perennial SNL favorite won a decisive victory in our last host poll, capturing nearly 83 percent of the total vote. Nostalgic favorite Martin Short snagged second place, though even he couldn’t muster up more than 6.5 percent of support; Christoph Waltz and Seth MacFarlane were neck and neck for third place, though the two-time Oscar winner ended up eking past the 2013 Oscar host by a factor of eight-tenths of a percentage point. How’s that for a horse race?

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Remember, everyone: we’re trying to recognize the best SNL host, according to whatever subjective criteria one uses to determine this sort of thing. Are you still laughing at one of their sketches today? Do you want to see them back on the show next season? Just some things to consider.

Below, I’ve embedded one representative clip for each of the five hosts currently in the race. After the vote, the host with the least support will be eliminated, and the other four will advance to compete against Vince Vaughn after he hosts April 13. Ultimately, we’ll eliminate the less memorable hosts and crown a new Mr. or Ms. Saturday Night. Watch the clips, refresh your memories, and vote below.






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