John Mitchell
April 08, 2013 AT 03:14 PM EDT

With the April 12 end date for the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project looming, a director’s cut of its launch video featuring 42 seconds of additional footage was released Sunday to goose the project to an ambitious new goal.

With $4.8 million raised from 73,202 backers, the project has already far exceeded its initial goal of $2 million, the amount that Warner Bros. said it would need to greenlight and distribute the film. But now it has a new one in mind: to become the most-supported Kickstarter ever. To do that it needs to best Double Fine Adventure, which netted 87,142 backers last year.

Veronica Mars series creator Rob Thomas announced last week the addition of a $1 pledge level to help bolster the campaign to its new goal. On Friday, Thomas revealed that he had finished a first draft.

Check out the Veronica Mars Project: Director’s Cut video below.

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