John Mitchell
April 12, 2013 AT 05:22 PM EDT

On the surface, Game of Thrones might not seem to have all that much in common with Disney’s canon of classic animated films. GOT is often brutally violent and laden with nudity, but take those things away from at least one particular storyline and you’ve got all the ingredients of a classic Disney fairytale.

Daenerys Targaryen, an exiled princess with an affection for mythic creatures and a handsome boy pining after her, really does fit the mold, doesn’t she? Give her a little song to sing and she’s practically Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

So that’s exactly what YouTubers AVbyte did. In their clip, Daenerys (Evelina Barry) looks out on the open ocean and sings “Out there across the sea / Where my life was meant to be / My home and people wait for me.” Later in the song, Daenerys’ ever-faithful and lovesick servant Jorah Mormont (Peter Hollens) arrives to declare her “all that I’ve been yearning for.”

It’s a really well-done (and frankly, pretty reverential) parody. Check it out below.

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