Hillary Busis
April 12, 2013 AT 08:26 PM EDT

Dance your cares away / Worry’s for another day / Everybody say / Happy birthday, Fraggle Rock!

That’s right: It’s been three whole decades since Jim Henson’s felt-covered musical romp premiered, introducing the world (or at lest those with HBO) to level-headed Gobo, artistic Mokey, athletic Red, nervous Wembley, and worrywart Boober. And happily, the Fraggles (and their human pals) are giving fans plenty of ways to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Namely: The Hub will air a special three-hour marathon of six classic Fraggle episodes on Sunday, April 21. And on May 14, the Jim Henson company and Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment will release a massive, 21-disc 30th Anniversary Collection that includes all four seasons of the show, plus a keychain, and a graphic novel that follows the Fraggles as they set out on an all-new adventure.

Check out a promo for The Hub’s upcoming marathon below — and click onward to get your first look at the graphic novel. Look, Ma — we caught five Fraggles!

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