James Hibberd
April 12, 2013 AT 03:29 PM EDT

Thursday night’s controversy-generating episode of Glee showed improvement in the ratings.

Fox’s musical dramedy jumped 20 percent among adults 18-49 for an episode that dealt with a shooting at the school. Glee delivered 6.8 million viewers and a 2.4 rating in the demo, climbing from its last original episode three weeks ago. Lead-in American Idol was up too — rising 11 percent — continuing the recovery trend we noted yesterday. Idol is only up 7 percent compared to the last week that Glee had an original episode, in case you’re wondering if Glee‘s rise is entirely due to the reality show’s ups and downs. But ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and CBS’ Person of Interest airing repeats probably helped.

The Glee episode, titled “Shooting Star,” is drawing criticism from parents impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting last December.

Now let’s talk about the ratings for Hannibal‘s second episode.

Unlike last week’s premiere against original episodes of ABC’s Scandal and CBS’ Elementary at 10 p.m., Thursday’s Hannibal merely faced repeats of those shows. Because of that factor, and because Hannibal‘s premiere rating was so spectacularly borderline, and because ratings almost always dip for a drama’s second episode, last week I wrote that if the numbers go down that Hannibal was basically finished. But if the ratings went up this week it was promising sign. Naturally, Hannibal decided to confound easy analysis — the episode remained perfectly steady with a 1.6 in the demo.

Once again, NBC gave Hannibal a lousy lead-in from Go On, with its finale delivering a 1.1 rating. Next week, Parks and Recreation goes into this slot so that might help things (it does bigger numbers than Go On). NBC points out Hannibal is only the second freshman drama series this season on a Big 4 network to match or improve upon its premiere rating (the other one was Fox’s somewhat like-minded serial killer thriller The Following … but of course The Following launched to a much bigger audience). So last week’s ember of audience interest did not snuff out, nor did it bloom into a flame … it remains an ember for now. Teasing NBC: Hannibal‘s rating went up to a 1.7 during its second half, defying the usual ratings trend in the 10 p.m. hour, once again suggesting there might be something here … might be…

Full Chart:

FOX 8-9P AMERICAN IDOL #1 3.1 12,745
9-10P GLEE #3 2.4 6,799
ABC 8-9P WIFE SWAP #9t 1.4 4,588
9-10P GREY ANATOMY R #11 1.3 4,407
10-11P SCANDAL R #14 0.9 3,580
CBS 8:00P BIG BANG R #2 2.9 11,146
8:30P TWO&HLF MEN R #4 2.0 8,207
9-10P PERSON-INTEREST R #6 1.8 9,978
10-11P ELEMENTARY R #9t 1.4 7,305
NBC 8:00P COMMUNITY #12 1.2 2,963
8:30P PARK & REC #8 1.5 3,107
9:00P OFFICE #5 1.9 3,772
9:30P GO ON #13 1.1 2,663
10-11P HANNIBAL #7 1.6 4,340
CW 8-9P VAMPIRE DIARIES R #15t 0.3 987
9-10P BEAUTY&BEAST R #15t 0.3 898

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