Sandra Gonzalez
April 12, 2013 AT 03:13 PM EDT

Last night’s Glee struck a nerve with viewers loyal and otherwise. But how could it not?

The episode addressed one of the most sensitive issues of recent memory, as McKinley High School was put under high alert after gunshots were fired in the school. Naturally, one can assume that this is the show’s way of tackling a topical subject that four months ago rose to the top of public consciousness in wake of the stomach-churning tragedy in Newtown, Conn. that left 20 children and six faculty dead.

Glee has never shied away from tackling heavy topics. In fact, episodes usually have more than one topic du jour. (Last night’s school shooting hour also included a “catfishing” storyline.) In the past, students have dealt with everything from homophobia, bullies, eating disorders, domestic abuse, and teen sex. The latter, actually drew some negative attention from a parent group.

But that’s what Glee does — it rocks the boat. And a quick glance at the comments on EW’s recap is evidence that this episode did exactly the same.

“…Too soon? Yeah you can argue it was but when ISN’T it too soon. Gun control and school shootings will always be coming up and it mostly likely won’t go away anytime soon.” — Mo

“I’d rather have a raw, gut wrenching episode that could potentially humanize victims in minds of disturbed kids and explain why gun control is important, than no mention at all.” — K

“School shootings are not something that should be taken advantage of by the entertainment industry so that they can have an episode with high ratings, or a successful movie. They’re serious matters that should be treated as such.” — Shea

“Wrong on so many levels. It was also very rushed and just in bad taste. Only person who deserves hugs is Lauren Potter aka Becky Jackson for letting them use her character and disability to create a contrived, horrible storyline around it.” — LC

I’d never fault anyone for feeling one way or another. Everyone has their own bar of sensitivity and we shouldn’t attack each other because we feel differently. (Hate to sound like a Glee episode, but it’s true.) So let’s try to play nice as we talk this out.

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