Karen Valby
April 12, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW: This is your third movie with Jason Sudeikis [after The Bounty Hunter and Horrible Bosses]. What made him the perfect guy to play your fake husband?

ANISTON: Not only is he a really sweet person to be around, but the script was at the point where it needed some smart voices to enliven it and give it a little love. He was instrumental in doing that.

EW: Your character, Rose, is a down-on-her-luck stripper.

ANISTON: It was definitely out of my comfort zone. I danced in high school and in my 20s, but I’ve never done stripping. This fabulous dance instructor just pulled the inner stripper out of me.

EW: In the film, your character pretends to be a buttoned-down wife. How’d you take to your suburban-mom makeover?

ANISTON: Oh, horrible, horrible! The worse the pants, the worse the shirt, the better it was. Those little Keds and the stupid little purse. The pants were so uncomfortable, and they would eventually ride up into my, ahem…

EW: You appear to be wearing a frizzy mop on your head.

ANISTON: Those bangs aren’t me! You can go to a beauty-supply store and for, like, $5.99 get one of those wigs. It looks like someone sat it on my head like a little yarmulke. We shot in North Carolina in 100 degrees, 100 percent humidity, and I’ve got this hat of hair on. When we wrapped, I threw it up in the air like Mary Tyler Moore.

EW: You got engaged to Justin Theroux during the shoot. Will you always link that happiness with We’re the Millers?

ANISTON: I don’t know if I’ll connect the happiness with the movie. The happiness stands all by itself.

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