Clark Collis
April 12, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

R.I.P.D. is based on a graphic novel, but the plot sounds like a lost dream sequence from stoner classic The Big Lebowski — particularly when summarized by ”the Dude” himself, Jeff Bridges. ”The Rest in Peace Department is made up of a lot of dead policemen and sheriffs,” explains the actor. ”All these lawmen from the past are working to protect the unsuspecting people of Earth from all sorts of disgusting creatures. I play a marshal from the 1800s named Roy Pulsipher, and Ryan Reynolds plays a modern-day cop I’m kind of training.” Adding to the weirdness? When the still-living look at Bridges’ character, they don’t see a marshal at all but a woman, played by Victoria’s Secret model Marissa Miller. ”It’s a very bizarre plot,” Bridges says.

Mary-Louise Parker, who starred in director Robert Schwentke’s RED, plays the dead duo’s boss, while Kevin Bacon is Reynolds’ pre-death partner. Bridges says the fantasy-comedy ”has got a lot of heart and at the same time is funny.” Mmm, sounds like something the Dude might enjoy, given the right, um, medication. ”I think the Dude would enjoy it maybe even with nothing,” says Bridges, chuckling. ”Maybe the movie would be enough.”

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