Hillary Busis
April 13, 2013 AT 10:00 PM EDT

Although the prospect of Vince Vaughn hosting SNL isn’t as exciting today as it would have been in the mid-’00s —  when the fast-talking Swinger was riding a strong wave of goodwill, thanks to his roles in Old School, DodgeballAnchorman, and Wedding Crashers, not to mention his tabloid-friendly romance with Jennifer Aniston — Vaughn’s hosting stint does open up several alluring possibilities.

Could frequent co-star Will Ferrell pop up as Ron Burgundy, or perhaps to revive Dog Show‘s David Larry? (That recurring sketch first appeared when Vaughn last hosted SNL, way back in 1998.) Might fellow Google Intern Owen Wilson stop by for a bit about two older, sadder Wedding Crashers? Will Libertarian all-star Ron Paul appear during Weekend Update? (Vaughn, apparently, voted for Paul in both 2008 and 2012. The more you know!)

Beyond cameos, Vaughn’s presence might free the show’s writers to ditch topical ideas for quirkier, more creative sketches — something they did to great effect last week with Melissa McCarthy‘s honey-baked ham-off and her pizza-eating business. Vaughn may not have a persona as strong as, say, Justin Timberlake’s or Jamie Foxx’s, but he’s distinct enough that it’ll be interesting to see how the show plays to his strengths.

Tonight’s sketches will be interspersed with performances by first time musical guest Miguel, the singer/producer whose track “Adorn” won a Grammy for best R&B song in February. Miguel has the distinction of being the first R&B performer on Saturday Night Live in 2013, which is sort of neat. But will he out-perform Bruno Mars and/or Justin Bieber, two other SNL-approved artists who are also up for Billboard‘s new Milestone Award this year?

What are you hoping to see during this week’s SNL? Which of Vaughn’s famous friends do you think might stop by? And be honest: Does anybody actually think The Internship is going to be good? Sound off below, and check back Sunday morning for a full recap.

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